Oseh Shalom


Our Potluck dinners are for all ages. Adults and singles can get to know each other better while children can run around and play with old and new friends.

First Friday of the Month Potlucks

All our potlucks are dairy/fish.  Suggested dishes include macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, salads, tuna casserole, cheese or veggie lasagna, lox or baked salmon, bean stew, rice dishes, curries and more. Don’t have time to cook? Bring a challah, stop at your favorite carryout for a cheese pizza, hit the grocery store salad bar or buy another wonderful premade option with a kosher mark.  If you pick up a ready-made item, please check the ingredients list or ask about meat products.

You can ’t use the kitchen to heat your item but we do have a microwave behind the school office.  Please also bring a serving spoon or knife to serve your dish.  If possible, list the ingredients in your dish on a card so those with allergies are aware.  Please do not include nuts or nut products due to allergies.

Potluck Questions and Answers

  • Is this just for families with kids? No, we want everyone to come.  Guests do not need to bring a dish.
  • How many servings should I prepare? 6-8 servings
  • Can I bring guests who aren’t Oseh members? Absolutely!
  • Do I need to bring utensils? Yes, please bring a serving spoon/knife.
  • Where do I bring the food?  To the Social Hall.  Do NOT go in the kitchen.
  • What about drinks and paper goods? The coordinators/Oseh will supply drinks and paper goods.
  • What about desserts? While you are welcome to bring treats, Oseh’s Sisterhood provides sweets after every service.