Oseh Shalom

Welcome! Want to stop by and try our services or events? Fill out our short contact form. New to Oseh? Check out this short YouTube video. Members: Need a phone number for an Oseh member? Find it on ShulCloud.  Need support after an illness or new baby? Contact Caring and Support. You must be vaccinated and boostered for COVID19 to attend Oseh events per our COVID policy.

Inclusion Means Everyone

inclusion image of people of varied races, disabilities, ages, etc.Oseh Shalom strongly believes everyone should be included in our community. We have transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual and non-binary members and members of color. We welcome interfaith families. We will make every effort to accommodate special needs such as diets, mobility issues, etc. We are proudly partnered with Keshet, the LGBTQ Jewish organization. We offer ASL services at our High Holy Days as well as many other events. We offer also offer assisted listening devices.

Our school has had students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, ADHD and other challenges. All of them have a path to a Bar/Bat/Bnei Mitzvah if they want that celebration. We have had many moving ceremonies with innovative ways to support student needs, such as a private Monday service for a student with anxiety.

Our men’s restroom offers baby changing facilities and the women’s room has a generous changing counter. We have clear signage encouraging members who are gender diverse to use whichever bathroom they are most comfortable with.

Our building is peanut free. Our school wing and many events are completely nut free. All of our many food events offer a vegan option. We happily accommodate gluten and diary free and other allergies. For other dietary needs, just ask and we will accommodate you.

Our building is on one floor. The only steps are to the bima in the sanctuary, where a ramp is available on request. We have an active diversity team that is working making us more welcoming by reducing microagressions for all types of differences. Let us know if there are ways we can be more inclusive.