Oseh Shalom

Welcome! Want to try our services or events? Contact us. Please fill out both the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur surveys. New to Oseh? View our short YouTube video. Need support after an illness or baby? Contact Caring and Support. You must be vaccinated and boostered to attend in person events per our COVID policy.



Oseh Shalom wants to help you make learning a lifelong pursuit. Study is a central tenet of Judaism.  To meet that goal, Oseh offers opportunities for all ages.  Adults can choose from a broad range of educational opportunities from Torah study and Adult Bnei Mitzvah classes to cooking, yoga, Jewish theme movies, financial planning, discussion groups, and much more.  Have an  idea for a new program? Just let our Lifelong Learning Committee know.  For current classes, check out our calendar.  Come grow with us.

Teens can join our vibrant confirmation classes that blend discussions and classes with ample time to socialize and make friends with other Jewish teens.

Toddlers and school age children attend our award-winning Religious School program on Sundays and online via our interactive study program during the week.  Our youngest students, age 3-5, are introduced to Jewish learning through a play-based program. Even babies and toddlers and come and enjoy our playroom during services.