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  • Make new friends, take a vacation, enjoy music and food, gain a deeper Jewish spirit and have fun at the 26th Annual Retreat in Cacapon, WV. Register/Learn More.
  • You must be vaccinated and boostered, if eligible, to attend all Oseh services. Level 1: COVID Policy: Masks strongly encouraged but not required.


Annual Oseh Shalom Retreat

Oseh Shalom’s 23rd Annual Retreat is set for January 17-19, 2020 at Cacapon State Park. This year’s retreat (Oseh’s 23rd) will be a little different. It will be in the style of a Limud (לימוד), or university-style shabatton. The theme is “What floats your Jewish boat? : Sharing your Jewish Journey. We’re calling on participants to share their Jewish passion in a series of 45 minute workshops. These can be in a variety of formats—from a discussion, to a demonstration, to an interactive session with group participation, or anything in between. Our goal is to have 10 to 12 workshops on topics touching the full spectrum of our Jewish world. If you’re interested in sharing your passion please send your topic to retreat@oseh-shalom.org.

You don’t have to be an expert, just willing to learn and lead.  Some suggested topic include aspects of  holidays, food, literature, movies and shows, music, sacred or spiritual practice, Israel, Tikkun Olam/values, or history. Deadline for sending topics is December 6th.

Each year, Oseh Shalom sponsors an annual retreat in the beautiful Cacapon State Park in West Virginia, just 2 hours away. The site, near historic Berkley Springs, is easy to get to and reasonably priced.

The weekend events brings singles, families, seniors and other together for a chance to relax, recharge, connect and grow. A range of programs include services, discussions, hikes in the park, a talent show for all ages, kids programs, havdallah and much more. There lots of music, food and comraderie.

Fill out and return the

or use the online form below.  Forms received by December 13 are guaranteed rooms. Rooms may be available for forms received after that date, but there is no guarantee. If you would like to request financial assistance to attend the retreat, please contact Financial Secretary Steve Kaplan. Oseh_Retreat_Registration fillable pdf

For the form below, you can pay via check to Oseh Shalom Retreat or via PayPal with Visa or Mastercard.  There is no fee to use PayPal. The form