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Religious School

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Prayer and Play

Our Religious School is a warm, inclusive place where children come to learn, make friends and have fun. Our program includes Hebrew and Judaic studies through exploration and discovery. Start your child’s Jewish journey at age 3 and continue to confirmation. Our school includes a social-oriented TeenConnect program and Teen Torah Study. The school offers Sunday classes for preschool through 12th grade from 9 am

Meet some of our youngest musicians. Music is a big part of who we are.

to 11:30 am. Our 3rd through 6th graders receive Hebrew tutoring for 20 minutes a week with an Oseh teacher. This tutoring is via zoom at a time your family chooses. Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Jewish Theater and Music
  • Engaging Modern Hebrew*
  • Prayerbook Hebrew and Tefillah Tutoring
  • Eco-Judaism
  • Torah and Creative Davenning
  • Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) Projects
  • Jewish Cooking, Family Programs, and More!

* Modern Hebrew is taught through a cutting-edge, grant-funded program thanks to the Jewish Education Enhancement Project, from the Charles Crane Family Foundation and the Associated facilitated by Jewish Educational Services. Oseh Shalom Religious School is the only synagogue piloting this creative pedagogy. The Hebrew Proficiency Approach deepens students’ Jewish identities through Jewish and Israeli culture and language.

Our mission is “to actively engage our students in learning and participating
in being part of a living Judaism, through which they can develop and
create personal, communal, and ecological tikkun olam.” All Religious School programs are designed to:

  • Foster a sense of Jewish identity
  • Promote leadership
  • Encourage participation in the classroom and community
  • Accept students for their individual strengths
  • Assume students “can” rather than “cannot”
  • Create lasting friendships

Weekly specials include multi-sensory, hands-on activities that allow students to experience Jewish culture. Outside the classroom, learning continues through family Shabbat services and dinners, chuggim, mitzvot, and field trips. We celebrate community in an authentic and creative way. The arts, eco-Judaism, and tikkun olam (repair the world) are integrated throughout the Pre-K – 7th grade curriculum.

Pre-K: Multi-Sensory Learning Together

Toddlers experience hands-on learning as they prepare for the High Holy Days.

Toddlers experience hands-on learning as they prepare for the High Holy Days.

Pre-K meets twice a month on Sundays from 9 – 11:30 am: This program combines music, Torah stories, art projects, Jewish learning, games and more. Our students spend a lot of time smiling.

Grades K-5

Experiential activities such as art, music and outdoor time make learning engaging.

Grades K-5 meets on Sundays from 9 – 11:30 am: On Sundays, students learn about Jewish traditions, values, holidays, Hebrew, and history.  During the week, students work independently to learn Hebrew and prayers through self-paced online lessons. Each year we put our values to work by doing tikkun olam projects and study from Eco-Judaism to ha’achalat re’evim – feeding the hungry, partnering with local homeless shelters and food pantries.

Tikkun Olam, healing the earth, and outdoor activities are a central part of our program.

Grade 6 and 7: Bar/Bat/Bnei Mitzvah Prep

Grade 6: As a Reconstructionist synagogue, we emphasize Jewish history including Jewish immigration, heroes, diversity, and the state of Israel. In addition, this Hebrew class experiences prayers from the Saturday morning service. In addition, this Hebrew class experiences prayers from the Saturday morning service. These students also learn Torah cantillation and receive one-on-one Hebrew midweek tutoring.


Every child at Oseh has a path to a wonderful bar/bat/bnei mitzvah.

Every student at Oseh has a path to a wonderful bar/bat/b’nei mitzvah.

Grade 7: Students delve into Torah and Bar/Bat/Bnei Mitzvah preparation. We emphasize Hebrew pronunciation and deeper prayer meaning and connections. The teacher works with the Saturday morning prayers; and individual lessons focus on each student’s Torah portion. 

Teen Programming

Teen programs offer social, learning and service options with plenty of time to make new friends.

Teen programs offer social, learning and service options with plenty of time to make new friends.

Grades 8-12 meet on alternate Sundays from 10:45 – 11:30 a.m. Students can serve as Madrichim/Teacher’s aides and then attend class in the Teen Lounge. Teens can go to the TeenConnect club or take the Doing Jewish class. After school, there are Youth Group trips to Six Flags, mini-golf, bowling and more.

Parents are welcome in all our programs.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Family Services: To encourage families to celebrate Shabbat together, kid -friendly services are held at 7:30 pm on the first Fridays of the month.  Attendance is required for students in 3rd – 7th grades.  

Oseh Experiences: The religious school partners with the Education and Religious Committees to create Shabbat and holy day events that incorporate prayer, learning, fun and social action with a lot of food and laughter.

Kabbalat Shabbat: Each class hosts one Kabbalat Shabbat where families will be able to gather for a class meal and then attend services led by the students.

Off Campus and Extended Programs: Community and leadership building are an integral part of Oseh Shalom’s Religious School focus. For this reason, all students will be invited to field trips during the year and special extended programs like Good Deeds Day.

Contact Us

Contact us if you would like more information. In the Jewish tradition, we welcome questions!  Fill out the short contact form or give us a call and come to one of our information sessions. Please feel free to email Rabbi Rebecca or call her or School Assistant Jessica Robertson at 301-498-7004. Learn more about our School Director Rabbi Rebecca.

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