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ZOOM: Oneg Group

June 25, 2021    
9:15 pm - 10:00 pm

Shabbat services, Friday, June 25, 8pm. With Rabbi Josh

Special guest speaker: Mike Tabor speaking on The Agricultural Roots of Judaism and My Life as a Jewish Farmer. Mike will be available for further discussion after services.

Mike’s bio:
A Jewish boy raised in the projects in NYC, became enthralled with growing things in his elementary school little garden.  But this love lay dormant during his youth, college degree in teaching and social work and spiritual searching.  In grad school at the UMD, he became enraged when his Black classmate could not be served in a restaurant in College Park, an act that led him away from grad school to social activism, voter registration and social justice.  A government job gave him the means to buy the Licking Creek Bend Farm in Needmore, PA as an investment.  However, his social activism re-awakened his Judaism and Kibbutz Micah was born.

Although the kibbutz lasted only about a year, Michael’s love for farming led to his now 49 years of farming without pesticides.  He became so attuned to the growing cycle, he began to make the connection between the growing cycle and the cycle of the Jewish holidays.  He has connected each of the holidays with the growing cycle of grains, wheat and vegetables and fruit.  He speaks about the significance and evolution of each of our holidays in relation to that growing cycle.

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