Oseh Shalom

Zoom: Hope & Healing – Shmita Workshop with Rabbinic Intern Faryn

January 9, 2022    
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Join Zoom Meeting    Meeting ID: 941 1210 8093

What is the shmita year ultimately about? Is it about rest? Economic justice? Land justice? Surrendering to Gd’s will? And how do we mark shmita in our times?

Join this workshop with Student Rabbi Faryn where we will explore the role of shmita through text study, ritual, and embodied practice, and get the opportunity to innovate our own personal and communal shmita practices for the year.

In honor of Tu Bishvat this will be a class for ages that includes pickle making.  Download the supply list now so you can join us.


After the first 45 minutes of text study (for adults and teens) on why we pickle during the shmita year (as well as the complications of pickling during a shmita year), children will be invited to join in for some PICKLING FUN at 1:15 – use the same zoom link above. Together, we’ll learn how to pickle and why! The necessary supplies to participate in this part of the workshop can be found below.

Schmita Pickling Supply List