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Tashlich at Laurel Park

September 16, 2023    
1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Please join us on Rosh Hashana Day 1, at 1:30 PM at Laurel Lake off Mulberry Road, for a short Tashlich service.  Laurel Lake is a short 5-minute drive from Oseh and directions will be provided. Tashlich, meaning “casting off”, is the service/ritual of throwing off your sins into life-giving, flowing waters to free yourself for the coming year.
The service, led by Maryrita and Dan, lasts about 15 minutes, standing by the lake. The service includes some traditional songs and prayers and some English readings. There is no need to bring anything unless you want to stay and eat your own lunch under the pavilion afterwards. You do not need siddurim (prayer books) or tallitot.  We provide a two-page handout and little stones for you to toss in the lake, as Laurel does not want us to toss bread or crackers.