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Hybrid: Shavuot – Music & Study with 4 Reconstructionist congregations

June 4, 2022    
8:30 pm - 11:45 pm

Join us for a joint Erev Shavuot celebration! Come for the learning, stay for the cheesecake. We will bring together Reconstructionist congregations Mishkan Torah, Columbia Jewish Congregation and Kol HaLev hosted by Oseh Shalom. A musical program will be followed by maariv and learning sessions offered by clergy and congregational leaders. Click below for the schedule.

The service will be hybrid — on Zoom and in person (In-person attendees are required/expected to be fully immunized and boosted and must wear masks.)
The link is below. Please use the usual password or contact our office for assistance.
Event#: 81579352172

SHAVUOT 2022 handout

Omer Daily Reflections for 5782