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Shavuot Joint Services, Poetry Slam

May 25, 2023    
8:00 pm - 11:45 pm

For Shavuot,  we will join with Mishkan Torah, Columbia Jewish Congregation, and Kol HaLev in a joint hybrid tikkun leil Shavuot starting at 8 pm on Thursday, May 25 at Mishkan Torah in Greenbelt.  The program will include a contemplative musical maariv service, as well as several different learning sessions. 

After the study sessions, stay and nosh on a cheesecake potluck while testing your trivia skills, followed by a poetry slam. Bring a poem to share! Everyone is invited to attend some or all of the program. Please come in person for the richest experience but if health concerns do not allow, join via Zoom.

See the calendar for additional services including Yiskor.