Oseh Shalom

Hybrid: Shabbat Evening Service-JOIN OUR VOICES with Faryn doing Drash by zoom

December 17, 2021    
8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Come to our first ever “Join Our Voices Shabbat!”

Our recent holiday and guest Shabbat services reminded us that coming
together in larger numbers in person nourishes us in unique and powerful
However, we don’t need a special reason to gather. To that end, we are
experimenting once a month to try to maximize the number of people
joining our voices together in the sanctuary by giving you the “special date”
for showing up. This helps those who can gather in person, as well as
those on Zoom, enjoy a more robust song/prayer filled experience.
So if you only come to one Shabbat in person at Oseh this month, make it
this one! (We of course look forward to your presence and participation as
often as possible!)

Prayerbook: Shabbat Vehagim

Join us via Zoom

Meeting ID: 441 857 610


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