Oseh Shalom

Religious School-OSRS Outdoors Day- EARTH-BASED ADVENTURE

April 25, 2021    
9:00 am - 11:30 am

Get a taste of “B’hootz”, a program of Wilderness Torah’s Sunday School in the Woods. Aya Baron ran the program for 6 years and will visit OSRS so that our students and guests will get to know
Oseh Shalom’s surroundings in a new light.

This program will explore what the groves of Oseh have to teach us through age-appropriate
nature-connection activities, stories and play, i.e. each group will enjoy similar themes and
activities at paces that suit them. It will include all of the most exciting elements of a day in
B’hootz… we will run around and get moving outdoors, enjoy hands-on exploration of the
grounds, and dive into activities and games that illuminate Judaism’s earth-based core (and get
us laughing and having a great time all the while), and maybe even help us continue to
celebrate Earth Day. Both programs will involve a brief moment of hitbodedut or quiet solo
time. For the younger group, this might be built into a game, and for the older group it will be
more explicit. We’ll experience the reverence and magic that there is to be found in Oseh’s wild
spaces, and the ability of the natural world to bring the rhythms of the Hebrew calendar and
the intricacies of Jewish tradition and stories to life.

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