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Oneg: Reflections on Counting the Omer with Brad Sachs

May 7, 2021    
8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Counting the Omer is one of the richest treasures built into the Jewish tradition.  Originally an agriculturally-based ritual, it eventually evolved into a way to symbolically share the Israelites’ travels from slavery in Egypt to our readiness to accept the moral responsibilities embedded in the Torah.  Beginning with the second day of Pesach, and continuing for 49 days until Shavuot, it guides us on a journey of the spirit, supplying us with a unique opportunity to cultivate self-awareness and self-possession, to deepen our capacity for kindness, compassion and gratitude.    

Dr. Brad Sachs will be preparing a daily Reflection for each day of the Omer that will hopefully illuminate and reveal some of the important themes and possibilities embedded in this ritual, and accompany you on your personal pathway towards growth and transformation. This evening we’ll touch base on these reflections via Zoom. 

Meeting ID: 932 7700 7767