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Zoom: Rabbis Chiyut workshop – M’chayeh Kol Chai

February 7, 2022    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

M’chayeh Kol Chai: the Surprising Meeting Point of Kabbalah, Reconstructionism and Qigong

Beginning with the Reconstructionist liturgical change to the 2nd blessing of the Amidah, we will consider this blessing’s connections to Kabbalistic teachings on chiyut/Divine vitality. These teachings make a great entry point for contemporary Reconstructionist theology. We’ll also learn some simple qigong movements that can help us attune to the flow of vital energy. Wear comfortable clothes. Please RSVP to rabbi.josh18@gmail.com.

M’chayeh Kol Chai sourcesheet

Join via Zoom using the standard Oseh password.

Meeting ID: 913 6447 9452