Oseh Shalom

Continuation of Ma’amad Sinai: Reconstructing Pathways to Justice and Peace

May 17, 2021    
12:00 am - 7:00 am

Maamad Sinai translates as ‘Standing [at] Sinai.’  Centuries ago, the sages linked the Feast of Weeks [Shavuot] and First Fruits [Biqurim] to the mythic event of standing together at Mt. Sinai to receive the Torah.  This year, let us extend the metaphor, hearing in the phrase Ma’amad Sinai a renewed calling to take a stand, up-standing rather than by-standing.

 Join us in honoring Chag HaShavuot with 15-hours of communing through story, study, shared silence and song, celebrating the ‘first fruits of the flourishing our redemption,’ and continuing the pilgrimage in pursuit of justice and peace near and far.

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You need not attend all 15 hours

Rabbi Josh will be presenting at about 10:30 on Sunday evening. And Oseh will be holding services at 10:00 Monday the 17th!

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