Oseh Shalom

Yom Kippur: Morning, Family/Teen, Afternoon Services, Break-Fast

October 5, 2022    
9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Join via zoom or in person (pre-registration required). Same link for all services that offer Zoom.

Members: If you don’t remember the HHD code,  go to shulcloud. Login so the system knows you are a member or check your Oseh email from last Thursday and Monday.

Nonmembers who registered,  please check your email from last Thursday or Monday.

Meeting ID: 863 9435 2791

  • Kol Nidre: Tuesday, 7:30 pm
  • Morning service: 9:30 am
  • Teen Service: 10 am, no Zoom option
  • Family Tent Service: 10: 15 am, no Zoom option
  • Youth program in tent: 11:10 am, no Zoom option
  • Afternoon Torah Study: 3 pm
  • Meditation and Chanting: 4 pm
  • Martyrology: 5 pm
  • Mincha: 5:30 pm
  • Nei’lah: 6:45 pm
  • Havdalah: 7:30 pm
  • Break the Fast Dinner: MUST have reservation: 7:45 pm:
    It is not too late to sign up for the Break-the-Fast, featuring an omelette bar, kugels and much, much more. Contact Karen Meckler directly (karenmeckler@gmail.com) if you want to come.