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Zoom: Shabbat Evening Service

January 28, 2022    
8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Kohenet Siddur, NCJW Shabbat, 1.28.21

Join via Zoom

Meeting ID: 974 8258 4192

Join us as we explore Judaism’s response to reproductive health, rights, and justice, and how this fits with Reconstructionism. Rabbi Daria will offer a dvar as a part of the National Council of Jewish Women’s national #ReproShabbat campaign, and Cantor Caitlin will join her as they lead a musical Shabbat service together taking into account these themes and the powerful themes of Shabbat.

If you were referred by the National Council of Jewish Women or Repro Shabbat, please contact us at osehshalom@oseh-shalom.org to access our Shabbat service.

Prayerbook: Shabbat Vehagim