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Exploring and Cooking Tu B’Shevat

January 24, 2021    
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

“Exploring and Cooking Tu B’Shevat, “ with chef, cooking instructor and foodie extraordinaire Susan Barocas.  Tu B’Shevat, also called the New Year of the Trees, is the world’s first celebration of the environment and is also tied to the seven species, the foods found in the land of Israel at the end of the Exodus. Join our exploration of the holiday and the seven species, which have formed the basis of the country’s agriculture, cuisine and ritual foods for thousands of years. Instructions will be provided in advance for people who want to cook along with Chef Susan as she prepares three holiday dishes.  Contact Judy Katz, judy.katz3@verizon.net for pre-event cooking instructions.

Susan Barocas is delighted to return to Oseh Shalom. She is a writer, chef and cooking instructor with a passion for healthy eating, Jewish food and Sephardic cuisines and history. Founding director of the innovative Jewish Food Experience, she served as the guest chef for three of President Obama’s White House Seders.

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