Oseh Shalom

Camping Trip/Shabbaton

May 31, 2024 - June 2, 2024    
11:00 am

Register for the 3rd Annual Camping Shabbaton or Come up Saturday for the Day

Friday, May 31-Sunday, Jun 2

Join us at Greenbrier State Park, just a 60-minute drive from Oseh. You have time for music,  walks, bird watching, stargazing, wood carving (even if just for marshmallow sticks), Havdalah, prayer, and yoga/TaiChi. We will share our knowledge and have fun while we learn some new skills, new ways of looking into our surroundings and even something new about ourselves. Let this weekend camping event offer the opportunity for a stretch towards a stronger connection to nature, Judaic values, and community. Does the program look good but you are not a camper? Come up for the day Saturday and share the spirit and fun.  Swim and hike and enjoy the outdoors with a Jewish twist. Questions? Contact: camping@oseh-shalom.org, or call Marc Litz at (443) 832-5898.

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