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A Primer on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: a Conflict Resolution Approach

May 25, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Tuesday, May 11, Wednesday, May 19, Tuesdays May 25, June 1 and 8, 7:00 — 8:30pm:  “A Primer on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:  a Conflict Resolution Approach,” taught by Prof. Ned Lazarus, George Washington University, Elliot School of International Affairs. 

Why does the Israeli-Palestinian conflict persist, despite decades of peace efforts by heads of state, civil society organizations and ordinary citizens? What strategies can be effective in laying the groundwork for conflict resolution? This five-session course will provide an overview of the origins, history and dynamics of the conflict, using a dual-narrative approach to feature Israeli and Palestinian mainstream perspectives and internal debates. The course will conclude by highlighting peace and conflict resolution initiatives at both state and civil society/grassroots levels. $50  for the course. Space is limited to 25 participants. Oseh members have priority for registration, and non-members may register if space allows.  Registration information is on the calendar for May 11.  For information, contact Marla Singer, moosewonk@gmail.com.