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Chanting and Torah Shabbat Services

July 15, 2023    
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Chanting & Torah study, 10-12
Come just for chanting, or come for the meditation and stay for sacred Hebrew chanting, during which we use the flow of a traditional Shabbat morning service as a vehicle to tap into our hearts and let our whole being soar from the inside out. First timers are welcome!
The Torah study at 11:00 looks at vows, nedarim, as in “Kol Nidrei.” Yom Kippur is in about 2 months. Come discuss this important topic as we begin to think about the vows that we have made or might make, our values, and more.
Veggie/dairy potluck following services.
(The next Meditation and Chanting Service will be the 3rd Saturday in November.)

Guests are always welcome.

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Torah Study Handout