Oseh Shalom

Welcome! Want to stop by and try our services or events? Fill out our short contact form. New to Oseh? Check out this short YouTube video. Members: Need a phone number for an Oseh member? Find it on ShulCloud.  Need support after an illness or new baby? Contact Caring and Support. You must be vaccinated and boostered for COVID19 to attend Oseh events per our COVID policy.

Zoom Publicity Event Request Form

Instructions for creating a Publicity Zoom Event Request

  1. STOP! Did you check the Oseh Shalom online calendar for conflicts?
  2. You  must schedule 30 minutes before and after each Zoom event
  3. If you need an Oseh Zoom link, please request the link from Mark BEFORE filling out the form.
  4. If you are using your own Zoom link, if possible, use the Oseh passcode to avoid problems.
  5. We need a graphic for all events.  Send it to events@oseh-shalom.org with the name of the event in the subject line.

If you have questions, Email the Oseh Shalom Office Administrator Benj Brown.