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You must be vaccinated and boostered for COVID19, if eligible, to attend all Oseh services and programs per our COVID policy.

Sacred Grounds Project

The Sacred Grounds project, facilitated by the National Wildlife Federation, promotes planting native plants at home and at Oseh Shalom. Oseh Butterly pollinating purple flowersShalom is participating in the second year of the project. This program aims to educate faith communities about the importance of, and how to care for, our local waterways and environment by planting native plants. NWF secured a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Prince George’s County to conduct this project.

Adding native plants to our Oseh Shalom campus and our homes helps local waterways and wildlife and reduces lawn maintenance.  Native plants need less care because they are more resilient. Native plants reduce storm water runoff and improve the quality and quantity of water heading to the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay watersheds. Native plants also provide food for birds and butterflies.

This is a grassroots effort to encourage everyone to plant native plants at Oseh Shalom and in their personal spaces, home, yard, or containers. Together, by caring for creation, Sacred Grounds will enable us to ensure our children and our community have a clean and safe environment well into the future.

Contact Sue Burger or Linda Solomon at sacred.grounds@oseh-shalom.org if you have any questions.

Pledge to Plant Nativehummingbird on orange flowers

Thank you to our wonderful Oseh Shalom community. In 2022, we exceeded our pledge goal. We hope your plants bloom and grow! For 2023, our pledge goal is 55 households. We hope you will pledge again to plant more native plants in your yard.

Pledge to Plant Native and receive free plants

 24 pledges as of March 23, 2023

Submit the Native Plant Pledge Form affirming your intention to plant native plants at your home. Your household will receive free native plants from NWF on May 7th.

Events and Learning Opportunities

Pictures of Plants for give-away

  • August through October, 2022 – Planned, prepared and planted a native plant garden at Oseh Shalom.
  • February 26 at 10 AM – NWF “Yes, You CAN Make a Difference by Planting Natives at Home”. Join us to learn why it’s SO important to plant native plants, and how individuals can make a positive impact on our environment.

         The presentation can be viewed  on YouTube here.

Pledge to Plant Native and receive free plants from NWF on May 7, 2023 at Oseh Shalom.

  • Sunday, May 7 at 10:00 AM until – 11:30 AM – Native Plant Giveaway at Oseh Shalom – Pick Up the native plants that you pledged to plant, provided by NWF. Thank you to everyone that pledges.

Pledge to Plant Native and receive free plants from NWF 

  • Sunday, May 7 at 11:30 AM – Native Garden Maintenance at Oseh Shalom
  • Sunday, May 7 at 12 PMNative Plant Sale: Howard County Robinson Nature Center, Columbia
  • Maryland Native Plant Sales 2023
  • Sunday, May 23 at 3 PM – River walk at the Riverfront Park, Laurel MD
  • Sunday, June 10 at 3PM – River walk at Sligo Creek in Takoma Park, Silver Spring MD

Landscaping Ideas

Interested in planting a tree? Plant one of these native trees:

Red Bud Tree in bloom


Interested in planting perennial flowers?  Plant one of these native plants:Pictures of 9 native flowering plants

Learn More/Resources

garden path with native plants

Garden path with Native plants

On the Web


  • “Yes, You CAN Make a Difference Planting Natives 2023”.  View the presentation on YouTube here.

  • “Why Plant Native Webinar 2022” hosted by the NWF. View the video on YouTube

  • “How-to Plan Native Webinar 2022” hosted by the NWF. View the recording here



Local Native Plant Nurseries

Let us know about other Nurseries promoting native plants. Thanks, in advance.