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The Characteristics of a Positive Marriage

It https://simeontrust.org/courses/first-principles-women/ makes sense that people are interested in what constitutes a healthier relationship given the abundance of Television and streaming content that is focused on romantic. Although there is n’t a formula that can be followed exactly, experts claim that some characteristics do stand out.

The couple respects each other’s liberation and personal space, which is a key indicator. According to Dr. Eshilian-oates,” this includes their individual pursuits, pursuits, and friendships– and allowing them to cultivate those outside the relationship.” She continues,” Healthy people also have respectful communication and clear frontiers, including the capacity to discuss topics like finances and youngsters without putting up a wall slavic women going up.”

She adds that the partner’s attention for their well-being is another crucial component of a good marriage. They are concerned with your mental, physical, and religious well-being. That implies, according to her, that they encourage you to pursue your aspirations. When deciding on important decisions, like where to go on holidays or what to do for a special occasion, they also consider your wants. She warns that it’s a red flag if they do n’t value you and what you want.


According to experts, you and your lover may share similar values, such as beliefs or a want to volunteer. You’ll probably also enjoy spending time together and have similar interests. Nevertheless, according to Antin, a healthy connection can accommodate your unique interests and activities and remain adaptable to accommodate each person’s shifting demands.

Conflict is common in relationships and can help a couple develop their relationship. However, if your partner does n’t respect your opinion when you disagree with them or keeps making the same points, this could be interpreted as disrespect. Similar to this, researchers warn you if they mistreat you when you express your feelings.

According to authorities, being in a healthy relation may make you happy, content, and feel connected. However, that does not imply that life wo n’t experience its ups and downs, particularly when things get busy. In order to protect yourself, your family, and your friends, it’s crucial to understand when a connection is harmful or dangerous.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, get help. Kaiser Permanente has resources to help, including finding a counselor or social worker in your area. You can also talk to your doctor, who can connect you with resources in the community. This article originally appeared on Business Insider and is reproduced with permission. 2018 Business Insider, Inc. All rights reserved.