Oseh Shalom
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  • You must be vaccinated and boostered, if eligible, to attend all Oseh services. Level 1: COVID Policy: Masks strongly encouraged but not required.
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Join one or more the following groups or activities to help make Oseh Shalom the kind of synagogue you want it to be.  You can donate as little or as much time as you like. Many projects can be done from home.

Arts/Music/Life Long Learning/Retreat

  • Aesthetics: Review architectural or design changes to building
  • Choir: Sing during the High Holy Days
  • Life Long Learning: Coordinate adult educational classes, films, book discussions, library
  • Oseh “Ruach” Band: Play your favorite instrument at services and events
  • Music & Arts: Plan music, arts and cultural events
  • Religious School and Youth Committees:  Help make our school program better and synagogue programs even more kid friendly
  • Retreat Trip: Plan and organize the annual congregational retreat in West Virginia


  • Office Support Group: Help in the office with mailings, phones, etc.
  • Board of Trustees: Oversee decision making on a range of issues
  • Budget and Finance: Formulate budget and improve financial procedures
  • Contracts: Develop and negotiate contracts for synagogue employees and services
  • Development & Fund Raising:  Keep dues down and doors open with internal and external fundraising
  • Facilities, Repairs: Fix minor problems involving carpentry, plumbing, painting, etc.
  • IT/Tech: Keep the computers and related tech running smoothly
  • Kitchen:  Oversee kitchen Kashrut and cleanliness rules, keep frig and pantry organized


  • Communications:  Help with newsletter, enews, website, phone calls, media and more
  • Membership: Develop strategies, programs and materials for member recruitment and retention

Religious Services

  • High Holy Days: Coordinate programs, activities, and communications for the High Holy Days
  • Religious Committee: Work with rabbis to develop policies related to the ritual/religion

Interested in getting more information or trying a committee or project? Contact our office at 301-498-5151 or osehshalom@oseh-shalom.org

We also have many opportunities to be involved with Social Action /Justice (Tikun Olam), Caring and Support, or Environmental Action.